I’m so very excited about this, and so late with my blog post! In April, it was announced that Alys Arden’s The Casquette Girls (self-published in 2013) has scored her a 2-book deal with Skyscape, one of Amazon’s publishing imprints. >>*throws confetti*<<

Alys and I worked together editing the original version, and more recently we dedicated a few months to combing through it again, making the new edition even slicker. It’s got some exciting new touches and a brand new sprinkling of that Alys Arden dark magic, and right now it’s off with the Skyscape editors for even more polishing and refining. (You can follow its progress over at The Casquette Girls FB page.)

Alys has put an insane amount of time and energy into this book, and it’s paying off. The current version of The Casquette Girls already has a loyal cult following/fan-base: It originally rose to fame in draft form on Wattpad, before being edited, proofed and self-published. After that, it soon became an Amazon #1 bestseller, as well as becoming a darling of New Orleans brick-and-mortar bookstores. Publisher’s Weekly called it a “strong debut” and a “Southern Gothic love letter to the spookier side of New Orleans’s storied past”, not to mention they gave it It received a rare starred review! Meanwhile, Kirkus Reviews called it “a cathartic, uncompromising tribute to New Orleans” and “a patiently crafted tale that will best reward careful readers.”

The Casquette GirlsAnd now there’s a newer shinier version coming out! I can’t wait for the re-release (this fall… ). I have a feeling the new edition is going to FLY out of stores, and maybe even through attic windows.

Here’s some of the first buzz about this super-cool book deal.

From NOLA.com’s The Times-Picayune: “Anne Rice fans anointed Alys Arden, now Amazon will publish her 2 New Orleans novels.”

Alys Arden self-published her debut novel, “The Casquette Girls,” and the world paid attention. That’s as rare as “man bites dog” in the publishing world — and the story got better on April 9.

Skyscape, a publishing imprint of Amazon.com, has purchased Arden’s New Orleans-set vampire novel in a two-book deal.

From Geekwire.com: “With a little help from Anne Rice fans, author scores two-book deal with Amazon.”

Her book is not only popular with fans. The book industry’s magazine Publishers Weekly also gave it a starred review. The book also averages about 4.5 stars on Amazon, with 137 reviews to date.

Amazon’s Skyscape will publish The Casquette Girls in the fall, with the sequel due out in 2016.

And USA TODAY just featured The Casquette Girls book trailer on their list of must-sees! 🙂

The imagery, the live-action video and the setting all support the creepy, dangerous vibe as murders abound in the storm-ravaged city. The voiceover delivers the story in a riveting and sinister way that puts you on the edge of your seat.

Stay tuned, bookfiends. There’s some lovely and bewitching stuff coming your way.