The Strawberry Moon and What It Means For Your Love Life

Hey, northern hemisphere friends, tonight is the Strawberry Moon! AKA the Rose Moon, the Honey Moon, the Birth Moon, the Hot Moon, the Moon of Horses. Time to plant the corn and pick the strawberries! But more importantly, it’s a minimoon too, which means it’s the farthest away any full moon will be all year. You know what[…]

The Romeo Catchers – Book Release Party in New Orleans

Recently, I got to do an editor’s favorite thing… attend a book launch and see a shiny new novel released into the wilds! Then watch the books be carried away into the night, clutched to the hearts of excited fans. And best of all, it was in the magical city of New Orleans. Editing Alys Arden’s[…]

Thank you for writing, Mr. Feynman.

Today is the birthday of Richard Feynman, the great scientist, poet, storyteller and merry prankster. It’s hard to write about him because I know I can never do him justice, and because sometimes when I read over his words I get all heartachey. I think of him as a mentor, even though I can’t —[…]

People are the most interesting books

I was at a friend’s place the other day, nosing through a treasured little book that found him at a flea market, when I discovered this quote. So I stole it for you when he wasn’t looking. (Always steal a truth when you get the chance.) “People are the most interesting books in the world.[…]