H.P. Lovecraft’s THE CALL OF CTHULHU podcast

I recently joined a very special line-up to talk about one of the most influential speculative stories of all time — the story whose creepy, tentacley touch everyone has felt, even if they don’t know it. “When the stars were right, They could plunge from world to world through the sky; but when the stars were wrong,[…]

Octavia E. Butler Exhibition in Pasadena!

3 a.m., and I’m having a conversation with my husband about aliens & the universe — as you do. I tell him all about the amazing Octavia E. Butler and her stories of alien DNA artistry, and about how I don’t believe in synchronicity, and also (random) how much I dislike installation art. 10 a.m., I get[…]

SFF Audio Podcast: Vulcan’s Hammer by Philip K Dick

My journey through all of Philip K Dick’s novels continues! We’ve reached the 1960s, and this time my trusty guides Jesse Willis (of the SFF Audio Podcast) and Paul Weimar led me into the strange and creepy world of Vulcan’s Hammer. This might not be one of PKD’s best or most famous novels, but it’s kinda special because it has so[…]

“Harbinger of Treason” ebook special

One of the brilliant science fiction novels I worked on is on special on Kindle! This is one of my favs… Harbinger of Treason by Bayard West, a science fiction space adventure with a kickass and “undeniably endearing heroine.” It’s a page turner with great characters and beautiful visuals… very memorable and well paced. I hope you can check it out![…]

SFF Audio Episode: Philip K Dick’s EYE IN THE SKY

SFF Audio had me back on their podcast for another Philip K Dick episode with Jesse Willis and Paul Weimar. This time we talked about Eye in the Sky (1957), which is now one of my favorite PKDs… it’s got a religious world where religious beliefs are literal; a censorship world, where you can abolish anything[…]

SFF Audio Podcast: Martian Time Slip by Philip K Dick.

Jesse Willis recently invited Paul Weimar (SFF writer/reviewer/podcaster) and me on to the SFF Audio Podcast for a fun conversation about Philip K Dick’s 1964 novel Martian Time Slip. Follow the link to see some more of the beautiful illustrations, collected by Jesse from the original version of this novel (originally titled We Are Marsmen). Martian Time Slip is a super-weird, creepy, and funny book–definitely[…]

If this isn’t nice, what is?

I just opened Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and fell in love this dedication. DEDICATION For Alex Vonnegut, Special Agent, with love All persons, places, and events in this book are real. Certain speeches and thoughts are necessarily constructions by the author. No names have been changed to protect the innocent, since God[…]

Harbinger of Treason, by Bayard West

Happiness! I’ve received my copy of Bayard West’s beautiful novel Harbinger of Treason, which I was lucky enough to work on as a line editor. It’s fast-paced science-fiction with a bit of everything: adventure, romance, suspense, beautiful visuals, and characters who are as complex, endearing, and fallible as people in the real world. I knew from[…]

The cats ride outside of the spaceships in their own tiny crafts.

SFF Audio were talking about Cordwainer Smith’s story The Game of Rat and Dragon on Twitter yesterday and suggested checking out the Wikipedia description. I looked it up and found what has to be one of the greatest first few lines of a Wikipedia page ever. This description reminds me of how lovely and weird[…]