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Editing Philosophy

I borrow my core editing philosophy from SF author/editor Damon Knight: “Begin from a position of respect for the writer, and single out disturbing flaws within a context of appreciation.”

My goal is to help you coach you through revisions so that not only is your manuscript its best possible version but you can also learn good practices to apply to the rest of your writing.

I work on three levels when I read your manuscript: 1) as your most attentive first reader, to give you a fresh perspective and preempt any problems your audience might stumble over; 2) as your “private detective,” looking for plot holes, inconsistencies or gaps in the story; and 3) as your personal writing coach, helping you identify good and bad habits and strengthen your writing voice.

My clients have had some pretty inspiring successes, from becoming #1 bestsellers on Amazin, winning awards, and scoring publishing deals. No editor can guarantee any kind of publishing success for any project, but I can promise honest and detailed feedback to help you push your writing as far as you’re comfortable taking it. At the end of the day, all changes to the manuscript remain totally within your control.

Rates & Services

The project fee will depend on the number of pages, the type of editing, and how many rounds you’d like. If you send me a sample chapter and synopsis or outline, I’d be happy to read over your pages and work out the best kind of editing plan to fit your budget. Together we can identify the most useful areas to focus our attention within the hours we have available.

My basic page rates for 2017 are outlined below. All rates are in US dollars, and pages are counted as 250 words.

Editing Packages

Special rates when you book two or more rounds of edits for one project.
Each round of edits is scheduled to allow time for your revisions in between.

2-Round Line Edit
Content Edit followed by
on round of Line Editing
$11 per page
(usually $13)

3-Round Comprehensive Edit
Manuscript Critique followed by
two rounds of line editing (Content Edit & Line Edit)
$14 per page
(usually $17)

2-Round Macro Edit
Manuscript Critique followed by
one round of Content Editing
$9 per page
(usually $11)

3-Round Full Editing Package
Developmental Edit followed by
two rounds of line editing (Content Edit & Line Edit)
$16 per page
(usually $19)

Per-Page Rates

Copyediting and Proofreading also available for fiction and non-fiction, including business and marketing materials, website content, and academic essays (to APA, MLA or Chicago Style citations). Minimum project fee $45.

Developmental Editing
20-page editorial report + scene outline
$6 per page

This is a complete read-through of your manuscript resulting in a detailed report, usually 20+ pages, outlining the strengths and weakness of the novel and offering suggestions to help you hone your storytelling and writing voice.
Your developmental notes are your road-map to revising your next draft, and making sure every major element of your story is coming across as you intended it.
This service also comes with a personalized scene outline to give you a fresh birds’ eye view of your novel (awesome for seeing which areas are not quite working and for tracking your ongoing revisions). It also includes a post-editing consultation via email (up to 2 hours of my time) to help you craft a revision plan.
Avg turn-around time: 4-6 weeks

Manuscript Critique
12-page editorial report
$4 per page

Essentially the developmental edit ‘lite’. You’ll get a summary report of approximately 12 pages designed to illuminate any macro-level problems in the story and give you fresh perspective on how you can tackle revisions (if necessary) to characterization, character arcs, plot complications, world-building, scene issues and other macro elements. This edit is highly recommended before line editing as it can save you so much time in later drafts.
Time-frame: 2-4 weeks

Content Editing (Substantive)
margin notes + some tracked changes
$7 per page

A Content Edit is an intensive edit focused on scene-level elements such as enhancing the setting, pacing, timing, character conflicts, logical sequences of events, foreshadowing, atmosphere, and tension.
This round of edits is designed to help you push your writing further and engage the reader as much as possible, scene by scene, beat by beat. Content editing is a super important stage in revising your manuscript and can make all the difference to how your audience experiences the finished novel.
Your Content Edit is delivered as detailed notes in the margins (highlighting issues, offering suggestions and coaching, or explaining how the readers might experience your story). Also includes some tracked changes.
Time-frame: 2-8 weeks

Line Editing
tracked changes + margin notes
$6-$7 per page

Line editing is a very detailed edit that focuses on the content, voice, style, readability, and clarity at the sentence-level. Depending on what stage your manuscript is at, it may focus more on the meaning of your words or it can merge into copyediting, which is a more mechanical tidy-up of already edited text.
This edit aims to remove any bugs and glitches that could jar readers out of their immersive experience; for example, awkward phrasing, inconsistent details or voice, vague description, possible misinterpretations, and confusing grammar or typos. Detailed coaching notes are provided in the margins to help you hone your writing voice in the manuscript and in future writing.
Line editing is ‘detail work’ for drafts that have already been revised for larger storytelling elements.
Time-frame: 2-8 weeks

Small Projects
$7.50 per page (3 cents/word)

Line editing for short projects (e.g. essays, marketing texts, blurbs, websites and short stories). Rush jobs (48 hours) add a $50 fee.

Copy-editing and Proofreading

In contrast to big-picture editing or line editing, copy-editing and proofreading are more mechanical editing passes (e.g. focused on spelling, hyphenation, punctuation and consistency of terms), which should only be performed after all your larger changes have been finalized. They’re your last filters before publishing. Please email me to check availability of these services or to ask for a referral.


I accept payment via PayPal, Bill-Pay (US only), international transfer, and credit cards (fee applies). A deposit of 25% is required to schedule your editing project.

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To reserve editing time for your novel, I take a retainer of 25% of our estimated fee for the full project. For long projects, my wait list can be anywhere between 2-5 months. However, as  spaces often open up at short notice, so please just let me know your interest and I’ll

Your Editing Budget

If you have a fixed budget or you’re not sure what type of editing would be best, I’d be happy to help you tailor an editing plan for your manuscript. Line-by-line editing is very time-intensive work and few professional editors would ever offer “cheap ‘n’ fast” editing (be wary of anyone claiming to be an editor who does!), but together we can create a plan to make your manuscript the best it can be within your budget.

If I think your manuscript is not yet ready for editing, I’ll let you know and give you a few pointers, so that you can take it through another draft first.

Email Me

To chat about your potential project, ask for a Trial Edit or use the Request an Edit form. I’ll email you back asap with my availability and any extra info you need before choosing your editor.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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