Marissa was born in New Zealand and has lived in Dublin, Munich, Berlin, and LA. She’s been helping authors develop their stories and edit their prose for over ten years. Her other loves are nature, hiking, video games, exploring abandoned buildings and writing.

Notable fiction she’s edited includes Alys Arden’s THE CASQUETTE GIRLS (Amazon #1 bestseller, Starred by Publishers Weekly, and picked up in two-book deal by Skyscape Publishing) and sequel THE ROMEO CATCHERS (Nominated for Best Young Adult Protagonist in the 2017 RT Reviewers’ Choice Awards); Ciara Ballintyne’s IN THE COMPANY OF THE DEAD (winner of Pinnacle Awards Best Fantasy Novel); Megan Crewe’s A MORTAL SONG (Amazon Kindle #1 Bestseller); and D Robert Pease’s SHADOW SWARM (Winner of Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Medal in Fantasy & Science Fiction).

One of her true loves is interactive fiction and narrative games. She was accepted into the Killscreen Intel Scholars “Women in Games” class 2017 and is currently seeking collaborations with narrative designers and game writers.

She loves imaginative fiction, Weird fiction and all things sciencey and fantastical. Her inspirations are Philip K Dick, Jeff VanderMeer, Kurt Vonnegut, Roald Dahl, James Tiptree Jr., China Miéville, Octavia Butler, Terry Pratchett, Cordwainer Smith, Carl Sagan, Jim Henson, Quentin Tarantino, Neil Druckmann, and every single person who worked on the video game The Last of Us. 


Marissa reviews novels, nonfiction, short stories and (coming soon) science fiction/fantasy narrative-based video games. She joins fellow dickheads Jesse Willis and Paul Weimar — sometimes with very special guests — at the SFF Audio podcast to review all of PKD’s works in roughly the order he wrote them, and to talk about Things in speculative fiction.

Hosted by Jesse Willis at SFF Audio Podcast

Plus a crossover guest appearance on The Skiffy & Fanty Show with Shaun Duke and Paul Weimar to talk BLADERUNNER 2049.

PKD audiobook reviews at SFF Audio.com



  • METHULESAH’S CHILDREN by Robert A Heinlein, read by MacLeod Andrews (Brilliance Audio)
  • OZ REIMAGINED performed by Tanya Eby and Nick Podehl (Brilliance Audio)
  • BREAKDOWN by Katherine Amt Hanna, read by Ralph Lister (Brilliance Audio)
  • ATTEMPTING NORMAL by Marc Maron, read by Marc Maron (Random House Audio)
  • WORLD UNTIL YESTERDAY by Jared Diamond, read by Jay Snyder (Penguin Audio)
  • MATILDA by Roald Dahl, read by Kate Winslet (Penguin Audio)
  • THE BFG by Roald Dahl, read by David Walliams (Penguin Audio)
  • THE WITCHES by Roald Dahl,read by Miranda Richardson (Penguin Audio)
  • BOY by Roald Dahl (autobiography) read by Dan Stevens (Penguin Audio)

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