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Just send me the below details, and I’ll get back to you asap with your sample edit, quote or answers to your questions.

  • The title, genre, and total word count of your manuscript.
  • What kind of editing you need; e.g. line editing, developmental editing, or not sure.
  • A few sentences about the premise and any special concerns or questions you might have.
  • Your first 8 pages copy-pasted into your email, if you’re unsure what kind of editing you need or if you’d like a no-obligation Trial Edit.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Editing Queue

I can be booked anywhere from 1-5 months in advance for novel-length projects. Please schedule your project early if possible, or ask to go on my waiting list. Authors sometimes need to adjust their deadlines, so it’s not unusual for spaces to open up at short notice.

Manuscript Submissions

When my calendar is very full and I have to be selective about projects, I give preference to writers who are eager to improve their craft and be challenged to make the manuscript the best it can be. It’s not only a more rewarding author/editor relationship for both of us, but I’ve seen first-hand how much difference it makes to the author’s ongoing success.

I accept a range of genres from Westerns to self-help, but give preference to the following:

  • science fiction (especially near-future, biopunk, ecological, slipstream, anything with AI, robots, or cephalopods)
  • fantasy (especially dark, occult, urban, paranormal, gritty, YA, mystery, noir, literary)
  • horror (especially Weird, psychological, Lovecraftian, science-fiction, fantastique, American Gothic & Southern Gothic)
  • science non-fiction (especially popular science, soft sciences, reason and rationality, psychology, cognitive science).


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