New Release! A Mortal Song by Megan Crewe

I’m SO excited to see this gorgeous novel available for pre-order today! A Mortal Song is a YA adventure set in the enchanted forests and villages surrounding Mt Fuji and starring two of my newest favorite characters: seventeen-year-old Sora and her dragonfly named Midori. I hope you’ll check this one out, friends. This novel is such a gem — an escape to[…]

New Trilogy! An Early California Adventure/Romance

I spent a nice chunk of last year working on something quite different from my usual SF/F genres: for many months, I was deeply absorbed in Early California cowboy culture, helping Mike Knecht edit his beautiful romance-adventure Western trilogy set in the 1800s Alto Sierra. After that we worked together on his non-fiction collection of stories about Chimineas Ranch, a huge remote ranch 100[…]

Spirit Rider: The Royal Problem, by James Finegan

Here they are! See below for the beautiful front-and-back cover illustrations of Spirit Rider: The Royal Problem, by James Finegan! I love these illustrations because they’re so close to how I imagined the characters and scenes, and they really capture the brilliant sense of fun and mischief in James’ storytelling. This cover artist is not only freakin’ talented but clearly[…]