104 Adventures Challenge!

Hey nature-lovers and book-fiends, I just signed up to attempt 104 fun and healthy adventures this year: the 52 Hikes Challenge and the Goodreads 52 books challenge. No idea if I’ll even come close to completing this (especially as I’m writing this on a day where it’s too rainy to hike and I’m too busy to read),[…]

SFF Audio Episode: Philip K Dick’s EYE IN THE SKY

SFF Audio had me back on their podcast for another Philip K Dick episode with Jesse Willis and Paul Weimar. This time we talked about Eye in the Sky (1957), which is now one of my favorite PKDs… it’s got a religious world where religious beliefs are literal; a censorship world, where you can abolish anything[…]

Review: “My She” by Mary Rosenblum

I just listened to “My She” (ace title) by Mary Rosenblum at the Lightspeed Magazine podcast. It’s a beautifully written story about loneliness, friendship, obligation and loyalty. So nice to be totally transported by a story — this is my kind of SF. Mary Rosenblum slowly reveals the world and the characters’ situation without ever over-explaining or giving away any[…]

“Eight O’Clock in the Morning” by Ray Nelson

SFF Audio do some seriously good readings of classic short stories. Check out episode #146 for the brilliant story “Eight O’ Clock in the Morning” (read by the talented Greg Margarite). It’s followed by a discussion with the author, Ray Nelson, who talks about story-craft, writing porn for hire, giving Phillip K. Dick acid trips, and hanging[…]