Tweets that make me happy

Well, I can’t let such lovely tweets just float away down the river, can I? I not only work with great authors on great books, they’re all very kind too. 🙂 My editor’s new FB page. Can't imagine publishing without @Marissavu vigilant eye taking a good look 1st! — Eduard F. Vinyamata (@Fric) September 16, 2014[…]

Editorial Jam Sessions

I loved Richard Adin’s post at his “An American Editor” blog yesterday about how good editors find and adopt the writer’s unique style or rhythm. Beyond the technical skills and know-how, so much of editing requires an intuitive understanding of what the writer is trying to do and how it’s playing to the audience. To jump in and “fix” things[…]

Interview at Phantom Owl Press

Here’s a little interview with me, about editing and my editing process, over at Phantom Owl Press. 🙂 Excerpt: What are some things you think writers should look for/be wary of when hiring an editor? After you’ve found an editor who has the level of experience and skill you are happy with, the most important[…]

Review – Editors on Editing: What Writers Need to Know About What Editors Do

“Authors really depend on editors for one thing: the truth.” Editors on Editing: What Writers Need to Know About What Editors Do, by Gerald Gross, is a collection of essays by editors, illuminating all the different things that go on in that strange editorial realm between writers’ and readers’ imaginations. The book is broken into two[…]

How important is rewriting?

Love this answer by Robet McKee in an interview on Debra Eckerling asked him, How important is the process of rewriting? Robert McKee: “It’s absolutely critical. I quote Hemingway in my book who said, “The first draft of anything is shit.” What’s difficult for writers to come to terms with is to recognize that 90%[…]

The Casquette Girls, by Alys Arden

SO EXCITED to see The Casquette Girls released to the world today! Written by Alys Arden, and edited by me. 🙂 The Casquette Girls is a paranormal YA mystery that weaves together the real mythologies of New Orleans into a  modern-day, post-hurricane setting. Alys Arden portrays New Orleans beautifully and writes with the kind of affectionate[…]

Letting Go of the Final Draft

I feel sad when I finish the last touches on a manuscript I’ve been editing and have to say goodbye to the characters, especially after spending months being so involved in their lives and every move. But I can’t imagine what it’s like for an author, who has usually spent years writing, rewriting, revising, and[…]

The Scorpion Game, by Daniel Jeffries

Just started reading my copy of The Scorpion Game by Daniel Jeffries, which is now available to buy for the Amazon Kindle, and I’m excited about it all over again. I helped to co-edit this story, and re-reading it has reminded me how much fun it was to work on, and also how intimidating it was, because it’s just that[…]