104 Adventures Challenge!

Hey nature-lovers and book-fiends, I just signed up to attempt 104 fun and healthy adventures this year: the 52 Hikes Challenge and the Goodreads 52 books challenge. No idea if I’ll even come close to completing this (especially as I’m writing this on a day where it’s too rainy to hike and I’m too busy to read),[…]


Happy cover reveal day to Alys Arden! At long last, here is the gorgeous cover for The Romeo Catchers, the much-anticipated sequel to the Amazon #1 bestseller, The Casquette Girls! I’m so excited to finally  be able to show you this. I’ve been helping Alys edit Romeo Catchers over the last year, watching the story unfold and get better and better[…]

The Periodic Table of Storytelling

Beautiful treat for writers! An artist named James Harris has illustrated the main storytelling elements (story structure, plots, plot devices, character types, and production terms) in an elegant Periodic Table of Storytelling. Each element is linked to the relevant TV Tropes page, which just so happens to be one of the most fascinating rabbit holes of storytelling on the web. DOUBLE FUN. There’s[…]

How important is rewriting?

Love this answer by Robet McKee in an interview on Storylink.com. Debra Eckerling asked him, How important is the process of rewriting? Robert McKee: “It’s absolutely critical. I quote Hemingway in my book who said, “The first draft of anything is shit.” What’s difficult for writers to come to terms with is to recognize that 90%[…]

David Foster Wallace on Television’s Value to Fiction Writers

David Foster Wallace, on how television can be great for writers… First, television does a lot of our predatory human research for us. American human beings are a slippery and protean bunch in real life, hard as hell to get any kind of universal handle on. But television comes equipped with just such a handle.[…]

The Secret to Being a Great Storyteller

The people who master an art like storytelling are not aliens with freakish talents and powers; they’re just the people who care the most. It takes a massive amount of self-discipline and faith to devote years and years to getting incrementally better at a craft, and to push through the dark times of tedious monotony, doubts[…]

The fishermen of ideas

I was reading Orson Scott Card’s How to Write Science and Fiction and Fantasy with my cup of coffee today, and this made me think: “I like to think that the difference between storytellers and non-storytellers is that we storytellers, like fishermen, are constantly dragging an “idea net” along with us. Other people pass through their[…]

Let me tell you a little story

Beautiful TED talk by Bill Harley on how storytelling is our way of understanding the world, and how stories allow us to feel safe enough to look at life because they are not about us and yet they are definitely about us. “Story is how we are reminded and how we remember… We are not built[…]

It’s hard to stay erect for two hundred days

I wasn’t going to dance in the Ray Bradbury parade because, to be honest, I’ve read far more of his writing advice than his fiction and there are already loads of way smarter people talking about him, but this interview is too good not to share. God he had a beautiful mind. “[Writing is] the[…]