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The editor/author relationship is based on good rapport, a shared vision, and complementary styles. It’s so important to find an editor who genuinely gets what you’re trying to say, so you’re inspired to push your writing to levels you didn’t expect to reach. For new clients who haven’t worked with me before, I offer a trial edit of 8 pages for $49*. (Usual value is $94 or more).

The Trial Edit not only gives you a good insight into my editorial style but also gives you comprehensive notes and tailor-made writing tips that you can use to revise the rest of your manuscript. If everything feels great and we do decide to work together, we’ll use these initial pages to help tailor the best editing plan for the full project.

And don’t worry; I know it’s hard to hand your writing over to a stranger for critique, and I do appreciate your trust and courage. I’ll do my best to help you push your writing as far as you’re comfortable with, but I won’t harm your story or leave harsh commentary. Revising is hard enough without having to deal with a snarky editor. All my edits are suggestions, based on my experience with successful writing techniques and reader responses. They deal with the how and why of certain writing choices, not on you as an author. Above all, they’re focused on our shared goal: making your story as good as it can be!

Ready for a Trial Edit?

Just use the Request an Edit contact form to tell me a little about yourself and your story. I look forward to meeting you!

*one page is 250 words as per the publishing standard.

* The special Trial Edit offer is available only to new clients with novel-length projects (non-fiction is welcome!). However, if you have a smaller project, I also offer one-to-two page sample edits. Please message me for more details.

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