Special Introductory Edit

For new clients, I offer a trial edit where we work together on around 8-10 pages. This is a comprehensive edit that draws on all facets of editing (line editing, content editing, and even some developmental elements).

Your introductory edit includes the following (if needed):

  • Two careful read-throughs of your initial pages.
  • Line editing for style, accuracy and clarity (using tracking so that all changes remain completely within your control).
  • Flagging of any areas where the reader could stumble or misinterpret your meaning.
  • Suggestions for how you might repair potentially unclear or clumsy sentences.
  • Highlights to indicate redundancies or wordiness.
  • Suggestions for streamlining and smoothing the overall flow of information.
  • Constructive critique on character, dialogue, emotional impact, tension, atmosphere and use of details and description.
  • Comprehensive margin notes on narrative design (scene structure, setting, literary devices, initial character arc set-up).
  • Tailored insights to help you develop and strengthen your unique writing voice.
  • Follow-up emails to explain any editorial notes you need help with.

There’s no need to schedule a project with me after our introductory collaboration, but if you loved the edits and want to work together on the full manuscript, we’ll use these pages to create the best editing plan for your needs and budget.

And don’t worry, I know it’s hard to hand your writing over to a stranger for critique, and I appreciate your trust! I’ll do my best to help you push your writing as far as you’re comfortable with, but I won’t harm or try to impose my own style on your story. You always remain fully in control of your revisions.

Price: $40 (usually worth $70 to $120).

Availability: Due to work load and demand, turnaround times may vary. Please just ask and I’ll let you know what I can do. 🙂

Book Your Introductory Edit

To schedule your introductory project, fill out the form below and copy-paste your first 2,000-2,500 words into the email. I’ll get back to you to confirm your booking and estimate a delivery date.

*one page is 250 words.

* The Introductory Edit special is available for portions of longer projects. If you have a small project (short story or essay), please ask me about one-page sample edits.

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