Hey nature-lovers and book-fiends, I just signed up to attempt 104 fun and healthy adventures this year: the 52 Hikes Challenge and the Goodreads 52 books challenge.

No idea if I’ll even come close to completing this (especially as I’m writing this on a day where it’s too rainy to hike and I’m too busy to read), but I’m gonna have a lot of fun trying. Anyone want to join in with me? It’s for a good cause (your body, brain and soul!).



Connect with me on Goodreads or Instagram if you’re keen to give this a go too. I’d love to see what trails you’re hiking and what books you’re reading.

You can take part anywhere in the world, and you can even include walks in your neighborhood or short novels if you’re limited on how much time/nature you can get. Here’s everything you need to know about the 52-Hike Challenge and the Goodreads Book Challenge.

And yeah, I know 2017 is well underway already, but that’s OK cos I only just started too, and cool kids start their new years resolutions in February (#fact). Besides, you can count what you’ve already read/hiked this year, and if you enjoy audiobooks and solo hikes, you can double up sometimes and complete two challenges at once. So hitting 104 is definitely within reach! ?

If you sign up (and as your doctor I recommend it), let me know so I can follow along on your adventures.

Happy exploring! <3 xo