Here’s a very short tale I wrote this morning after finding out that Neil Armstrong had left this Earth for the second time. Based on a true story.

Small Minds in a Big Space

Once upon a time, with their hearts full of curiosity and science, a bunch of humans sent a traveller to the moon. It was the start of a new age of adventure and the greatest thing the species had ever done.

Then the humans got kinda bored with that, so they watched some MTV, spent all their resources on military arms and churches, and argued about what gay people should be allowed to do. “It’s SO obvious that the moon landings were faked anyway!” they said knowingly, as they sipped on a homeopathic remedy, while watching a TV show about aliens visiting Earth to insert anal probes into unsuspecting rural-American asses.

And the moon watched over the humans with an empty face, just as it always had. And the traveller realized the adventure was over, so he grew old and died.

The End.