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Marissa has been editing novels professionally for over ten years, working on all genres from romantic Westerns to self-help and science books, but specializing in science fiction and fantasy. She adores stories, and especially how they work their magic on audiences.

Her many talented clients include Alys Arden (The Casquette Girls, Amazon Kindle #1 Bestseller, awarded a Publishers Weekly Starred Review and picked up in 2-book deal by Skyscape Publishing); Ciara Ballintyne (In the Company of the Dead, winner of Pinnacle Awards Best Fantasy Novel); Megan Crewe (A Mortal Song, Amazon Kindle #1 Bestseller); and D Robert Pease (Shadow Swarm, Winner of Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Medal in Fantasy & Science Fiction). She’s also edited non-fiction ranging from National Geographic titles to marketing books, self-help and academic works.

She’s a regular guest on the SFF Audio Podcast, where she discusses science-fiction & fantasy audiobooks with Jesse Willis and guests. She’s currently working her way through Philip K Dick’s entire works with host Jesse Willis and SFF-expert Paul Weimar.

Marissa lives in Hollywood, Los Angeles, but she grew up among the quiet volcanoes and black-sand beaches of New Zealand. She got married in Denmark and has lived in Dublin, Munich, and Berlin. In her past lives, she’s worked as a professional dog walker, a bartender, and a pet-shop assistant. She once spent a summer selling tours to fairy-tale castle in Bavaria.

Her favorite things to do are to hike and read, and often both at the same time. She’s trying to complete a 104 Adventure Challenge (reading 52 books and completing 52 hikes) by the end of 2017.

Her other passions are science, free-thought, comedy, dogs, video games, and camping. But most of all she loves storytelling in any format. Favorite authors include Jeff VanderMeer, Kurt Vonnegut, Roald Dahl, James Tiptree Jr., China Miéville, Octavia Butler, Terry Pratchett, Cordwainer Smith, and Philip K Dick. Other big inspirations are Carl Sagan, Jim Henson, Quentin Tarantino, and everyone who worked on the video game The Last of Us.

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