Wow I completely stopped updating my blog a few years ago due to the pandemic and then taking on a lot of new responsibilities at various publishers. It feels fitting to return to the blog today with a really exciting announcement.

Today Apex Book Company launched my imprint Violet Lichen Books! As editor-in-chief, I’ll be acquiring horror and dark fiction novellas, focusing on my favorite sub-genres which will surprise no one who knows me: New Weird, Weird, folk horror, eco-horror, and eco-science-fiction.

I’m hoping to work with authors who have a strong attachment to the themes, people, or places they’re writing about, and I’d especially love to see works by marginalized and under-represented authors. My favorite fiction is thought-provoking, disquieting, and intertwines fascination (especially of the natural world) with horror and dread. The more unsettling the better! I’m also very interested in stories that explore how we, as individual humans, interconnect with our communities, other species, and the ecosystems around us.

Apex Book Company has distribution via Diamond Books Distributors and has shepherded many brilliant titles through publication, including one of my favorite Weird fiction collections, the cult hit Greener Pastures by Michael Wehunt! It has also published award-winning titles such as Plague Birds by Jason Sanford (Nebula Award Finalist for Best Novel and Philip K Dick Award Winner), Danged Black Thing by Eugen Bacon (Philip K Dick Award finalist 2023). I’m so looking forward to adding to its catalogue with a set of mysterious, beautiful and disquieting novellas.

The name for my imprint was inspired by the eerie beauty of lichens growing in the woods around my home, and the surreal drama of violet shades in nature. Funnily enough, these wild orchids just popped up next to the pond, just in time for launch week!

For more information about Violet Lichen Books, such as guidelines, submission details, and query windows, check out My initial query window will be from July 1 to July 14 and I will announce future open windows via the Apex Books newsletter and on social media. I’m so excited to read your submissions!