Hey, fantasy & paranormal readers, I have some Advance Reader Copies of a brilliant novel I had the pleasure of editing recently: Shadow Side by Ellen Joyce, to be released end of October by Evolved Publishing. It’s a beautifully written paranormal suspense/thriller with explicit sex, violence, and language… and sometimes all three mixed together, so it’s totally R18 & NSFW and all the other fun acronyms. 🙂

I loved it not just for the amazing writing, eerie twists, and complex characters, but for the completely strange and unexpected journey it took me on. This one’s a pretty addictive read, especially if you enjoy your fiction dark, gritty, and supernatural.

I have a few ARCs available (as epub, mobi or pdf only) for free in exchange for an honest Amazon review. If this sounds like your kind of thing, let me know!   
Back-cover blurb:

Bryar Bowden is a reformed hillbilly hell-raiser, tamed down to a mundane husband for a soulless wife.
Chloe James is a functional sex addict, running from a lover who challenged her compulsive need for control.

Partnered as state investigators for a corrupt governor, they cover up an incestuous love triangle that hides a metaphysical jail break. When it changes everything they know about being human, their only hope to survive is to trigger each other’s shadow side.