Copyeditors are not all evil grammar-monsters who spend their days hunting for typos just so they can terrify anyone who knows less about writing mechanics than they do.

Good copyeditors know that context matters, and they know the difference between an author who is purposely bending or breaking sentence structure for fun and one who is out of control and just having word-accidents all over the page.

In the publishing world, having good grammar and knowing the language conventions is super important , but so is knowing that sometimes sentences are supposed to be a little wild-eyed and crazy. Language is only fascinating¬†because we are playful creatures who love to mess around with it and push its evolution. As someone who meddles with other people’s art as a profession, the last thing I want to do is strip the originality and voice from the writing by “correcting” every playful invention. It’s all about context.

As the wonderful Mr. Fry says in this video you should definitely watch, “It has nothing to do with correctness. There is no right language or wrong language any more than there are right or wrong clothes. Context, convention and circumstance are all.”