Love seeing all the awesome reviews and feedback coming in for Heather Le Fevre’s recently published travel memoir/business book Brain Surfing! 

Heather LeFevre is a marketing/brand strategist who travelled the world to not only learn from some of the brightest marketing strategy minds on the planet but also to stay in their homes, trail them to work, and hang out with their friends and families. This means she could soak up everything from how they work and plan their days to how they spend their downtime and what’s on their bookshelves.

Brain Surfing currently has 5 star rating over at Amazon, and readers are totally digging Heather’s warm vulnerable storytelling filled with killer insights, practical strategies, and plenty of inspiration.

You can read more about this book and author at this great Huffington Post interview, or check out Episode 7 of the IceCreamForEveryone podcast, where Willem van der Horst asks Heather some great questions about her background, her journey writing this book, and what she learned along the way. ♥

Brain Surfing

A truly fascinating blend of travel journal and business text, it drifts beautifully between the dreamy rambles of an enthusiastic traveller and the great insights of a business book. Brain Surfing should be on every strategist’s reading list.” (Mark Inskip, CEO, The Futures Company)

They say great minds think alike. But reading Heather LeFevre’s book made me realize that brilliant minds actually think different. And that is very empowering.” (Amazon Reviewer)

A wonderful journey not just into the lives and minds of some of the smartest and creative thinkers on the planet, but also a quiet and sensitive introspection into Heather’s learning experience. The book perfectly blends business, strategy, creativity, travel and the search for meaning and purpose into a down-to-earth and most of all human story. An experiment that makes you want to pack your bag and go explore.” (Amazon Reviewer)

A fantastic read – I intentionally slowed down my pacing just so I could savor Heather LeFevre’s rich storytelling. I didn’t want her adventures to end. Brain Surfing is an inspirational tome a la Eat Pray Love for strategic planners and brand believers that transcends the ad industry niche it will find a welcome home in. It’s a personal story about growth – and the value one woman places on her own development…” (Amazon Reviewer)