104 Adventures Challenge!

Hey nature-lovers and book-fiends, I just signed up to attempt 104 fun and healthy adventures this year: the 52 Hikes Challenge and the Goodreads 52 books challenge. No idea if I’ll even come close to completing this (especially as I’m writing this on a day where it’s too rainy to hike and I’m too busy to read),[…]

Science Fiction & Fantasy Editing

Hello, authors! I’m currently scheduling projects for the rest of this year and into early 2015 and still have spaces left, so if you have a manuscript almost ready for professional editing or if you’d like to try a trial edit first, please contact me soon. I’m especially looking for authors who have a distinctive writing voice and who are[…]

Tweets that make me happy

Well, I can’t let such lovely tweets just float away down the river, can I? I not only work with great authors on great books, they’re all very kind too. 🙂 My editor’s new FB page. Can't imagine publishing without @Marissavu vigilant eye taking a good look 1st! https://t.co/sXEO8VLWOL — Eduard F. Vinyamata (@Fric) September 16, 2014[…]

Married a comedian on a magical Danish island

It’s been a quiet month online for me because my favorite human and I were busy cycling, camping, and marrying on a little Danish island. We packed up a tent and sleeping bags, loaded up our bicycles, and then, ALLAKAZAM! *smoke clears*– I’m a wife! After getting hitched, my new husband and I honeymooned by biking all around the island. No-fuss,[…]