OK, you guys know I love audiobooks and also love not spending too much money,  so for me Audible sales like this are basically like taking a stroll through Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and eating the jelly apples off the taffy trees.

Here are some of the treasures I found in this sale… science fiction, fantasy & horror for a few $$ each (until end of August). And P.S., I’m not getting paid to advertise for Audible, I swear! Just drunk on audiobook-goodness.

H.G. Wells (THE INVISIBLE MAN), Cormack McCarthy’s (THE ROAD which is amazing on audio but have a blanket and friend nearby), Kurt Vonnegut (BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS), Margaret Atwood (THE HANDMAID’S TALE — sooo good), Daniel Keyes, (FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON … you will cry), Arthur C. Clarke (CHILDHOOD’S END), Alan Moore (V FOR VENDETTA), Robert A. Heinlein (THE ROLLING STONES and ORPHANS OF THE SKY), H.P. Lovecraft (CALL OF CTHULHU AND OTHER STORIES), Jack Finney (INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS), John W. Campbell (WHO GOES THERE? aka The Thing) and a collection of THE TWILIGHT ZONE Radio Dramas (Vol 1) with full-cast performance!

Also for my science nerds out there (*high-five*), there’s a whole lecture series on the mysteries of the universe read by Neil deGrasse Tyson, a bunch of brain science books, and really interesting-sounding non-fiction like this one: THE CLOCKWORK UNIVERSE: ISAAC NEWTON, THE ROYAL SOCIETY AND THE BIRTH OF THE MODERN WORLDPlus one of my all-time favs, SURELY YOU’RE JOKING, MR FEYNMAN!

Oh and there’s also Chuck Palahniuk’s FIGHT CLUB and did I mention the George Carlin collection read by Carlin himself?
So, goodbye world!! I’ll be walking the hills and listening to audiobooks for the next few weeks straight.
If you see any other books on the Audible list that you’d recommend, let me know in the comments! There is always room on my cloud-shelf for new audiobooks!