Are you an atheist, humanist or science-loving writer who’s looking a professional editor?

I’m seeking new clients who write about free-thought, skepticism, and science, or whose love for these things seeps through into their fiction worlds and characters.

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Years ago when I first started out as an editor, I worked for a company where I had to accept whatever projects they gave me, and I found myself working on some pretty disturbing faith-based books. For example, a novel with an atheist main character who just couldn’t understand why it was wrong to hurt or rape people (because atheism), and a self-help book that promised damnation to non-believers… and came complete with detailed diagrams of the various layers of Hell.

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I felt pretty weird and terrible about working on these, but I had to pay the bills… so I sold out and helped polish the words that damned me, and then quit that company as soon as I could.

I might never truly atone for my sin of helping those books to sound better, but my road to redemption is to use my editing only for good from now on, and to help reason-based authors create even better books. These days I try to work with only the most open-minded people on the coolest projects possible, which is why I’m sending out this radio signal to freethinkers and science-lovers.


If you’re a freethinking writer and you’d like to try a few pages of editing, I’d love to hear from you. I offer new clients an 8-page trial edit for $40, which includes detailed line editing as well as content editing (in-depth margin notes and personalized coaching on writing techniques).

There’s no obligation to collaborate with me after the trial. You can either schedule more editing or just take the 8 pages and go on your merry heathen way. 🙂

To ask for a trial edit or chat about your project, just use the Request an Edit contact form. I work with non-fiction and all genres, although I specialize in speculative fiction (science fiction, weird fiction, horror and fantasy).


Atheist shoes

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