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~ All rates in US dollars. One page = 250 words ~

Developmental Edit
20-page editorial report + scene outline
$8.75 per page

The first round of edits for your manuscript! The Developmental Edit is a detailed report–usually 20+ pages–that delves deep into the strengths and weakness of your novel. Recommended for authors who are prepared to roll up their sleeves and make deep structural changes if the story needs it.
This round of edits also includes a detailed scene outline for a birds’ eye view of your novel, and a post-editing consultation via email to iron out your revision plan (max 2 hours).
Timeframe: 6-12 weeks

Manuscript Critique
12-page editorial report
$5 per page

Essentially the developmental edit ‘lite’. You’ll get a report (approx 12 pages) designed to illuminate any glaring flaws and macro-level problems and to offer fresh perspective on how you might enhance the story via changes to character arcs, subplots, progressive complications, characterization, setting and other macro elements. This edit is highly recommended before line editing as it can save you so much time in later rewrites.
Timeframe: 5-6 weeks

Content (Substantive) Edit
margin notes + some tracked changes
$7 per page

A Content Edit focuses on scene-level elements such as logical progression of events, characterization, character conflicts (internal and external), dialogue, foreshadowing, timing, pacing, description, atmosphere, and tension. This is an important stage of your manuscript and can make all the difference for your reading audience.
Your Content Edit is delivered as detailed notes in the margins, with some track changes for suggested rephrasing. The notes are designed to help you push your writing further and engage the reader as much as possible, scene by scene, beat by beat.
Timeframe: 6-12 weeks

Line Edit
tracked changes + some margin notes
$6 per page

A Line Edit focuses on readability, style, clarity, and tone at the sentence-level, and is best reserved for drafts that have already been reviewed for larger storytelling elements. This edit is focused on repairing any sentences that might jar your readers out of their experience, such as awkward phrasing, inconsistent details, vague meanings, unintended interpretations, and confusing grammar or typos. Note: this is not a copyedit or proofread. A copy edit is more of a ‘housekeeping’ check of your sentence mechanics (hyphenation, punctuation, consistency of spelling), and a proofread is your last catch before publishing, which should both be performed only after all other revisions have been finalized.
Timeframe: 6-8 weeks

Special Packages

Special rates when you book two or more rounds of edits with me!
Each round of edits is booked with a month or so between for your revisions.

Developmental Edit + Content Edit + Line Edit
(usual value $21.75 per page)
$19.15 per page

Manuscript Critique + Content Edit + Line Edit
(usual value $18.00 per page)
$15.40 per page

Manuscript Critique + Content Edit
(usual value $12.00 per page)
$10.50 per page

Content Edit + Line Edit
(usual value $13.00 per page)
$11.80 per page


I accept payment via PayPal, Bill-Pay (US only), international transfer, and credit cards (fee applies).

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Editing Philosophy

When you hire me as your editor, I work on three levels: as your most attentive first reader, to give you a fresh perspective on your story; as your private detective, to dig out inconsistencies and look for plot holes; and as your friendly writing coach, to help guide you through revisions. I borrow my core editing philosophy from SF author/editor Damon Knight: “Begin from a position of respect for the writer, and single out disturbing flaws within a context of appreciation.”

My edits are designed to highlight anything that could disrupt your reader’s experience, and all changes remain totally within your control.


To reserve editing time for your novel, I take a retainer of 20% of our estimated fee for the full project. As I’m usually booked out 3-5 months in advance, please reserve early to ensure your manuscript gets a space. You can also request to go on a waiting list in case a space opens up at short notice.

If you have a fixed budget or are unsure what type of editing would be best, I’d be happy to help you tailor an editing plan for your manuscript. Since line-by-line editing is time-intensive work, I don’t offer “cheap ‘n’ fast” editing, but we can create a plan to make your manuscript the best it can be within your budget!

Use the Request an Edit contact form to message me about your project, budget, or to request a sample edit. I’d love to hear about your novel and am happy to help!

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