I had the good fortune to be able to work with R. Matthew Simmons recently, copyediting his beautiful novel Gretel: The Children of the Sun. The novel is the first in a trilogy and traces the story of two children, Gretel and Hans, who discover they are the last in a line of a race of people hated by many for their special power and magnetic beauty. The paperback version is now available at Amazon, and you can read a short preview of the first pages there too. I think you’ll love it. 🙂



“Beyond beauty and imagination we follow the lives of young Gretel and her brother Hans, as her only daughter relives their past through a forgotten diary. A story of the love and connection between brother and sister, they have only each other within a world filled with deceit and those who wish to invoke revenge for their people’s history…, and those who want to discover the secrets of the powers they posses. Book One begins with the story of Gretel, the last child born of a people who walked the deserts of the earth before the beginning of time, as she sets off in search of those still alive and in hiding for her own survival and for the very survival of the Children of The Sun.”