Here’s a little interview with me, about editing and my editing process, over at Phantom Owl Press. 🙂


What are some things you think writers should look for/be wary of when hiring an editor?

After you’ve found an editor who has the level of experience and skill you are happy with, the most important thing is to make sure you understand each other. It doesn’t matter how great an editor is, if they don’t “get” you or your vision for the story then how can the collaboration bring out the best in your story? Manuscript editing is an act of translating the author’s imagination to a large group of readers’ imaginations, so your editor has to understand you and your audience.

What should a writer expect (or not expect) out of an editor?

An editor can help give you direction and perspective, and help you hone your writing by diagnosing the weaknesses and pointing the way to good fixes. They’re like a local guide you’ve hired for the difficult part of your journey. You should expect them to use their knowledge and experience to give you good advice and practical suggestions. You should not expect them to re-write your story, impose their own style, or guarantee you success.