I’ve been working with Justin Mermelstein this year, and it’s been amazing to not only read his awesome stories but also to see how he just gets better and better. Watching writers grow is definitely one of the best things about being an editor.

Justin’s latest novella (edited by me) is the first in a series called Lucid and Awake. A Week and Some Change is a beautiful stand-alone love story about second chances that will stay on your mind long after you’ve finished reading. Check out the jacket copy below…

Lucid and Awake by Justin Mermelstein

Andrew, a loner, both by choice and by circumstance, is enamored by Tracy, the new bartender at his mother’s restaurant. After learning that Tracy has died in a terrible car accident, he is devastated. But after arriving at the restaurant to console his mother, he discovers that Tracy isn’t dead after all – in fact, she is working her shift, and no one else seems to think anything of it.

While trying to make sense of the situation, Andrew begins to experience an overwhelming sense of dread: something isn’t right. He needs to decide whether to tell Tracy and risk sounding like a lunatic, or ignore what all his senses are telling him and enjoy what appears to be a second chance.

Please do buy a copy (available in eBook or paperback at Amazon.com) to not only get a little escape from mundane life but also to help support a very talented upcoming writer.