It’s been a quiet month online for me because my favorite human and I were busy cycling, camping, and marrying on a little Danish island. We packed up a tent and sleeping bags, loaded up our bicycles, and then, ALLAKAZAM! *smoke clears*– I’m a wife!

After getting hitched, my new husband and I honeymooned by biking all around the island. No-fuss, no phones, making burritos in campsite kitchens, reading science fiction by candlelight, buzzing through towns and forests on our bikes, and exploring windswept beaches, craggy cliffs, and rockpools. So much of the island reminded me of Jeff VanderMeer’s Area X from the Southern Reach trilogy… lighthouse and all. Such a beautiful and surreal place with epic and moody weather.

One terrible discovery I made is that you can get licorice-flavored ice cream in Denmark, and now I can’t figure out why I’ve been living in Germany and not there? LICORICE-FLAVOURED ICE CREAM, PEOPLE. I’ve lived in Europe for ten years and never knew about these wonders just across the border. Also, more importantly, the Danes… what a lovely, empathetic, and open-minded culture with so few hang-ups about traditions. I want to adopt them all. Oh well, great place to get married at least!

So now, back to work and to a new life with a brilliant, talented, one-of-a-kind man. 🙂


Wedding day weather

Southern Reach's Area X?