Happy release day to Hunter’s Moon by D. A Godwin! This novel is the beautiful, twisty and surprising sequel to Eyes of the Blind. It’s SO fun to edit books like these, where the author is cleverly revealing new elements of the world, building on previous mysteries and taking the story in unpredictable new directions. And I love spending time with these characters and seeing them grow and learn about the world from such different perspectives. I’m already super excited about reading the third in the series. 

Both book 1 and 2 are available at Amazon, or you can read a sample chapter at the author’s website dagodwin.com/books.

Book cover copy for HUNTER’S MOON.

A kingdom in peril. A prophecy set in motion…


The Ceringion Reginum has invaded the Kingdom of Actondel. As armies clash in the east, Tormjere is conscripted and sent to train with the secretive King’s Rangers, but that training is cut short when he stumbles upon an attack on Kataria, Princess of Actondel. Unable to rely on her family’s name and hounded by her assailants they flee towards the fighting, searching for answers and anyone they can trust.


As Tormjere and Kataria struggle to survive on battlefields stalked by living nightmares they find themselves bound ever more tightly together by the unusual gift they share. To end the war they must learn to harness powers they barely understand, while trying to live up to a prophecy they never knew existed.


David A. Godwin’s debut novel Eyes of the Blind established a fantastic new fantasy universe filled with mystery, danger, and magic. Now he returns us to that richly textured world, where courage and divinity struggle to rise above the profane and victory is seldom colored in black and white.

And if you haven’t already, check out book 1, Eyes of the Blind (Book 1 of the Guardian’s Prophecy). I loved this story and especially the characters. Here are the thoughts of some other readers and reviewers.

  • 5 stars “Delightful adventure tale.”
  • 5 stars “Well written and plotted. It is always a pleasure to discover a new talent. This is an attention getting read. Highly recommended.”
  • 5 stars “Great book and the start of a promising series. Really enjoyed this book- the story is creative and rich, evoking familiar fantasy themes but from a new perspective. David’s writing is descriptive and engaging. I will eagerly await the next installment!”
  • 5 stars “Super Entertaining! Highly Recommend! DA takes you on a journey through a new land that keeps you entertained and always wondering what happens next. It’s a great read that combines adventure, fantasy, and action in a way that has me finding the book hard to put down and really looking forward to the next installment of the series.”
  • 5 stars “I loved this book. It was incredibly engaging and a really fun read, while also being a quick and easy one (partially because I had a hard time putting it down). The characters are great – all satisfyingly lovable or hateable, though there’s more to most of them than first meets the eye.”

You can find more info and follow David A. Godwin at Goodreads and his website.