I recently helped Justin Mermelstein’s edit his new novella “Nowhere in Particular,” part of his Lucid and Awake series. It’s yet another beautiful and surreal piece, this time set in the in-between. Here’s the blurb…

Exhausted by everything and everyone, Tyler takes his father’s pistol and tries to end his life. But when he awakens on the floor of his bedroom, he realizes he has failed: he is not dead. However, something is different. The blast from the weapon has blinded him, leaving him vulnerable to what he soon discovers is a radically changed existence. Tyler finds himself forced to navigate this strange new world alone – except for the guidance of a seemingly omnipotent voice.

Check it out on Amazon and help support an indie writer putting out some great work! I really loved this comment left by one of the reviewers on there — I think he captures Justin Mermelstein’s writing perfectly:

“Sometimes life makes you (or me at least) feel like a refugee, but when you find pieces of art like this that you can set your mind aside with, the refugee feeling is met with solace.”