Well, I love a good story opening, and this was a recent favorite. I reviewed the awesome anthology Oz Reimagined on audiobook for SFF Audio podcast (read my full review here), and I knew as soon as I heard the start of Seanan McGuire’s story that I was in for a fun read. Gotta love writers who spice their prose with just enough profanity to give it a little kick, but not enough to burn you or overpower the story.


The pillows were cool when I woke up, but they still smelled of Polychrome—fresh ozone and petrichor, sweeter than a thousand flowers. I swore softly as I got out of bed and crossed to the window, opening the curtains to reveal a sky the sunny fuck-you color of a Munchkin swaddling cloth. There was no good reason for the sky to be that violently blue this time of year—no good reason but Ozma, who was clearly getting her pissy bitch on again.

Sometimes I miss the days when all I had to deal with were wicked witches and natural disasters and ravenous beasts who didn’t mean anything personal when they devoured you whole. Embittered fairy princesses are a hell of a lot more complicated.

Longer excerpt here. Read, enjoy, love.  🙂