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Ready for editing, or just have a few questions? Please feel welcome to use the contact form below and if possible include the following details:

  • The title, genre, and total word count of your manuscript.
  • Which level of editing you think the work needs (see Editing Services, or ask for a Trial Edit if you’re not sure)
  • A few sentences about the premise, major characters and setting, and any special concerns you might have about the writing.
  • A sample of the first chapter, copy-pasted into your email.

I’m happy to offer guidance on what kind of editing you might need, or to answer any questions you have.

Editing Queue

I’m often booked out up to 3-5 months in advance for novel-length projects. Please schedule your editing early if possible, or ask to go on my waiting list in case a space opens up!

Manuscript Submissions

As I can only take a few of the manuscripts submitted to me each year, things I look for before accepting a new client are a strong narrative voice and good understanding of writing techniques, but most of all an eagerness to have the manuscript challenged to make it the best it can be.

Availability depends on my current schedule and whether your novel is a good fit stylistically. I accept manuscripts in a range of genres (from Westerns to romance to horror), but will give preference to speculative fiction, especially…

  • science fiction and fantasy,
  • fringe and Weird,
  • psychological horror,
  • mystery, noir
  • biopunk & cyberpunk,
  • eco- or biological SF/F,
  • sociological,
  • anything set in realistic near-future, especially with AI or cephalopods. Or both. 🙂


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