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To request an edit, please use the contact form below or email me at marissavu(at)gmail(dot)com with the following details:

  • The working title, genre, and total word count.
  • A brief outline of the story that includes the premise (in 1-3 sentences), setting, major characters and your vision for the novel.
  • Any special concerns you have about your writing? e.g., worries about how a certain character is coming across on the page, or concerns with how to tackle character conflict or realistic dialogue.
  • The level of editing you’re interested in (see Editing Services)
  • How many drafts the manuscript has gone through?
  • A sample of the first chapter, copy-pasted into your email.
  • Any questions or concerns you have! I’m happy to help.


Usually I am booked out up to 3-5 months in advance for novel-length projects. Please contact me early if you’d like to schedule editing time for your project, or to go on my waiting list in case a space opens up at short notice.


As a solo worker, I can only take on a select few manuscripts submitted to me per year. Things I look for in a new author are a strong narrative voice, a good understanding of writing techniques, and an eagerness to have the manuscript challenged to make it the best it can be.

I work on a range of genres (from Westerns to romance to non-fiction) but give preference to speculative fiction, especially

  • fringe and Weird fiction,
  • psychological horror,
  • mystery, noir
  • biopunk & cyberpunk,
  • satirical,
  • eco- or biological,
  • sociological,
  • anything with AI, near-future tech, or cephalopods. 🙂


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