So happy to announce that Shadow Side by Ellen Joyce is out! Pour yourself a whiskey for this one, and don’t forget to dim the lights. This is a paranormal suspense novel with dark & deviant spices, David Lynchian creepiness, and some epic, unforgettable scenes. I loved working on this… Ellen Joyce​ is an awesome new writer whose characters are broken, beautiful and sharp.

The novel opens when Bryar Bowden–a former hillbilly hellraiser turned state investigator–gets a new partner. Her name is Chloe James and she’s a take-no-shit obsessive compulsive and a functional sex addict. Basically, she’s pretty much destined to shake up his world.

Their first job together is to investigate, and cover up, a bizarre murder, but they soon find out that what’s really going on is much weirder and more disturbing than anything they’d imagined.

If this novel sounds like your cup of tea (or your cup of something much stronger–don’t worry, your secret is safe with me), please go check out the sample chapter at Amazon or visit Evolved Publishing for links to your favorite ebook version. And then, ENJOY! ♥


~ Shadow Side by Ellen Joyce ~
~ edited by Marissa van Uden and released by Evolved Publishing, Oct 2015 ~