The Romeo Catchers – Book Release Party in New Orleans

Recently, I got to do an editor’s favorite thing… attend a book launch and see a shiny new novel released into the wilds! Then watch the books be carried away into the night, clutched to the hearts of excited fans. And best of all, it was in the magical city of New Orleans. Editing Alys Arden’s[…]


Happy cover reveal day to Alys Arden! At long last, here is the gorgeous cover for The Romeo Catchers, the much-anticipated sequel to the Amazon #1 bestseller, The Casquette Girls! I’m so excited to finally  be able to show you this. I’ve been helping Alys edit Romeo Catchers over the last year, watching the story unfold and get better and better[…]

Two #1 Bestsellers in One Day!

Oh my goodness, this has to be my most favorite work day ever!? Two of my super-amazing Authors hit #1 bestseller rankings on Amazon in the same day. I’m so excited for these inspiring women… both killer writers who wrote two incredible and totally unique novels, and I was lucky enough to be hired as a co-editor on both of their[…]

Shadow Side by Ellen Joyce

So happy to announce that Shadow Side by Ellen Joyce is out! Pour yourself a whiskey for this one, and don’t forget to dim the lights. This is a paranormal suspense novel with dark & deviant spices, David Lynchian creepiness, and some epic, unforgettable scenes. I loved working on this… Ellen Joyce​ is an awesome new writer whose characters are broken, beautiful and sharp. The[…]

Two-Book Publishing Deal for Alys Arden

I’m so very excited about this, and so late with my blog post! In April, it was announced that Alys Arden’s The Casquette Girls (self-published in 2013) has scored her a 2-book deal with Skyscape, one of Amazon’s publishing imprints. >>*throws confetti*<< Alys and I worked together editing the original version, and more recently we dedicated a few months to[…]

The Casquette Girls #1 Bestseller

Look at this girl go! Alys Arden’s The Casquette Girls is one year old this Halloween, and to celebrate it’s on special and climbing back into the bestsellers again! On Nook at Barnes and Noble, #10 Bestseller in Teen. On Kindle at, it’s currently a #5 Bestseller in Teen/YA Horror, and #12 in Teen/YA Paranormal &[…]

The Casquette Girls now an Amazon Kindle Best Seller!

Yay! featured The Casquette Girls as its daily deal today, and it’s now a best seller on Kindle. 🙂 And so well deserved too. Alys wrote an amazing story and put a crazy amount of work into it. So happy to see it getting some recognition and great reviews. Current rankings… >> Amazon Best[…]

“Cold Reading” by Alan Moore

I’m a huge fan of stories with a skeptical flavor and subversive humor, and just stumbled upon “Cold Reading,” a short story written by the legend Alan Moore. It was first published in his Dodgem Logic magazine (which, btw, looks AMAZING – check it out. Contributors include Josie Long, Robert Ince, Stewart Lee, and Michael Moorcock).[…]

The Casquette Girls, by Alys Arden

SO EXCITED to see The Casquette Girls released to the world today! Written by Alys Arden, and edited by me. 🙂 The Casquette Girls is a paranormal YA mystery that weaves together the real mythologies of New Orleans into a  modern-day, post-hurricane setting. Alys Arden portrays New Orleans beautifully and writes with the kind of affectionate[…]