BORNE by Jeff VanderMeer (book review)

Another gorgeous and strange novel from the mighty lighthouse keeper of the Weird, Jeff VanderMeer (whose Southern Reach Trilogy blew me away a few years ago and is still the series I most often recommend to my friends and clients). Borne is a story about nature vs nurture, and about love, set in a city ruined by a biotech-related ecological disaster. The[…]

The Sundered Oath series by Ciara Ballintyne

On the Edge of Death, the sequel to In the Company of the Dead, is approaching release date! As Ciara Ballintyne’s editor for both of these books, I’ve had the pleasure of reading them multiple times in various drafts, and I’ve enjoyed every single reading. Ballintyne is a brilliant author who writes deeply layered characters, and the series[…]

New Trilogy! An Early California Adventure/Romance

I spent a nice chunk of last year working on something quite different from my usual SF/F genres: for many months, I was deeply absorbed in Early California cowboy culture, helping Mike Knecht edit his beautiful romance-adventure Western trilogy set in the 1800s Alto Sierra. After that we worked together on his non-fiction collection of stories about Chimineas Ranch, a huge remote ranch 100[…]