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Editing for the Voices of Reason!

Are you an atheist, humanist or science-loving writer who’s looking a professional editor? I’m seeking new clients who write about free-thought, skepticism, and science, or whose love for these things seeps through into their fiction worlds and characters.   Years ago when I first started out as an editor, I worked for a company where I had to[…]

Thank you for writing, Mr. Feynman.

Today is the birthday of Richard Feynman, the great scientist, poet, storyteller and merry prankster. It’s hard to write about him because I know I can never do him justice, and because sometimes when I read over his words I get all heartachey. I think of him as a mentor, even though I can’t —[…]

Ernst Haeckel’s “Art Forms of Nature”

  The cool thing about people who are curious about the universe (my favorite kind of human) is that they all express their curiosity in different ways. Some spend their lives doing monotonous experiments in laboratories (bless them), some make nature shows, some teach, and some write science fiction. Others stomp around in awesome “hello-I’m-a-naturalist-adventurer”[…]

Fantasy is good for children

It’s awesome when science confirms something you already thought, like that maybe fantasy stories are not bad for you but actually help you function in the real world because they stretch your brain. Researchers at Lancaster University, UK, have completed a study that shows how children who have just experienced an imaginary world have an enhanced capacity[…]