Review: “My She” by Mary Rosenblum

I just listened to “My She” (ace title) by Mary Rosenblum at the Lightspeed Magazine podcast. It’s a beautifully written story about loneliness, friendship, obligation and loyalty. So nice to be totally transported by a story — this is my kind of SF. Mary Rosenblum slowly reveals the world and the characters’ situation without ever over-explaining or giving away any[…]

“Eight O’Clock in the Morning” by Ray Nelson

SFF Audio do some seriously good readings of classic short stories. Check out episode #146 for the brilliant story “Eight O’ Clock in the Morning” (read by the talented Greg Margarite). It’s followed by a discussion with the author, Ray Nelson, who talks about story-craft, writing porn for hire, giving Phillip K. Dick acid trips, and hanging[…]

Thomas More’s “Utopia”

As a way to learn more about the history of science fiction, I am reading my way through some of the classics. This week, I read Utopia, by Sir Thomas More, (which, btw, you can get for free from the awesome folk at Project Gutenberg). Utopia, which Thomas More published way back in 1535, was the first[…]

“Just Another Perfect Day” by John Varely

You’ve probably heard that old writing advice that second-person (“you”) narrative voice is a difficult style to pull off. It is difficult, but every now and then someone writes a story that just nails it. “Just Another Perfect Day,” which you can listen to for free at Lightspeed Magazine, is a rare example of a[…]

Literary Short Story with a Science-Fiction Twist

Something you don’t see too often: science fiction in the New Yorker magazine. Take the time to listen to  this reading of Stuart Dybeck’s “The Red Lantern.” It takes a master to write about adultery this beautifully. This has just a minimal amount of science fiction in the set-up to give it that special ingredient. You can[…]