Just started reading my copy of The Scorpion Game by Daniel Jeffries, which is now available to buy for the Amazon Kindle, and I’m excited about it all over again. I helped to co-edit this story, and re-reading it has reminded me how much fun it was to work on, and also how intimidating it was, because it’s just that good. This writer has STYLE.

Daniel Jeffries put a ton of work into this (visit his website for some awesome articles on his writing process and philosophies), and The Scorpion Game proves how hard work pays off. It’s got believable characters, realistic dialogue, a great plot, and the world-building is beyond cool. The story is set in a dark and gritty future with biotech, nanotech, artificial weather, augmented humans, bioluminous hookers, bartenders with fiber-optic dreads, living buildings, virtual minds — seriously, it has it all. This is lovely, dark, psychedelic science fiction that will take you somewhere completely unforgettable.


The Scorpion Game

Book One of the Age of Transcendence Saga
2011 Quarter Finalist Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award *

In 2458, on a continent sized starship with its own atmosphere and an entire civilization churning inside, the poor live in rotting organic cities and the rich live in massive orbital mansions drifting in the clouds.  When a hooker plunges from the sixty-sixth floor of an opulent nightclub and a senator is found dead in his room, the police call on Lieutenant Durante Hoskin to solve what swiftly becomes a string of murders of the rich and powerful. Now Hoskin must stop a vicious and brilliant sociopath, who’s executing the elite, erasing their memories and exposing their lives to an angry public, before his society explodes in open class war.