Hey, northern hemisphere friends, tonight is the Strawberry Moon! AKA the Rose Moon, the Honey Moon, the Birth Moon, the Hot Moon, the Moon of Horses. Time to plant the corn and pick the strawberries!

But more importantly, it’s a minimoon too, which means it’s the farthest away any full moon will be all year.

You know what that means right? It means that phrase you all love to use–“I love you to the moon and back”–is at its MOST powerful today, because you love your loved ones 252,525 miles and back, instead of only 221,958 miles, which is how far you loved them last month. Personally I prefer to love my family to the center of the Milky Way and back but hey, that’s just me. I love big.

strawberry moonWhat else does the strawberry moon mean? Well, this year it rises in Sagittarius, which means absolutely nothing and won’t affect your life at all, so you can carry on and try to have a great day, just like you always do.

That’s not to say tonight is without its magic though, because rose-colored moons are beautiful, minimoons are ADORABLE, aaand it’s a Friday night. That makes this night the perfect time to grab your loved ones (the ones you love even further than usual tonight) and do a moonlight hike! Load your pack with strawberries, peaches, and pink bubbly, tuck your torch into your back pocket, and head on up your favorite hills for some lunar-basking.

Or be a real romantic and go by yourself to light up your imagination with moon-fire, and then come home and write stories all night while drinking whiskey by candlelight. See? This Friday is the best Friday.

I’ll be trekking up into the hills with my favorite gal pal to howl at the moon, or whatever it is girls do under strawberry moonlight.

Enjoy the skies tonight, love even further than usual, and don’t get caught by a werewolf.

Unless you’re into that. Each to their own. xo

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